ABFlexo, our packaging on the podium in Brazil

Multi-Color Italia, Carta Stampa and Bioplast, respectively, win gold, silver and bronze at the 25th competition of the Brazilian technical association for flexo printing (AbFlexo Brasil). This confirms the pre-eminence of Italian printers at an international level, distinguished by expertise (the competitions of the associations of the FTA circuit evaluate the quality of the candidate works, ed).

Officialized at the end of October 2017, the winners’ ranking was disclosed at the end of the year celebrations at the Assografici and Atif headquarters where Sante Conselvan, as President of FTA Europe, celebrated the winners at the presence of the sector press and read the statement written by the President of the Brazilian federation, Sergio Vai.

« The Brazilian competition – explained Conselvan for the occasion – gave life to an international edition and asked FTA Europe to nominate some excellent works from our part of the world. The victory of the Italians, who dominate the ranking, fills us with pride confirming the pre-eminent role of our industry in the world ».

Indirectly, rewarded also the commitment to stimulate the collaboration carried out a global scale by FTA Europe which in recent years has consolidated the European network and established important relationships with the federations of the other continents. Those with the great Latin American country inherit a history of technical and commercial “friendship”, which is rooted in the migratory flows of the early twentieth century and sees Italians even among the founders of ABFlexo-FTA Brazil.

In the picture, from the left, Marco Gambardella from Bioplast, Roberto and Michela Corbetta from Carta Stampa, the President of FTA Europe Sante Conselvan and Andrea Murello from Multi-Color.