Ethics and sustainability: films always more recyclable

There is not only the fourth industrial revolution in action, rather we must point out that this change is also dictated by the change of consumer species.As well as the forth revolution, today many changes can be related to the transformation of consumers.

In this case Bioplast research is orientated towards a diversification of products, always more eco-friendly. Final consumers are careful concerning the raw materials used, the reputation of producer, the brand and the sustainability. It is no longer the time when a brand owner can say “I impose this product on the market”.Consumers are very attentive to so many dynamics such as the judgments of hundreds of influencers who evaluate, criticize and approve or bust a product, and this affects consumer purchasing choices.

We, let’s do our part. We are producing more and more films with structures suitable for the recyclability of the casing once used, by using more sustainable raw materials.