Elite, Bioplast enter the Olympus of companies

Bioplast is part of the prestigious ELITE program of Italian Stock Exchange. A path, started by the company, which aims is to create an added value in the internationalization process. The Elite program is dedicated to companies with high potential of growing. Today it has a community of 500 companies whose aim is to support them in their growing project through a progressive cultural change.

We have strongly adhered to Elite because we are pointing at an increasingly ambitious business style that will enable us to accelerate our projects of internationalization and grab financial opportunities through the access to global capitals.

Susy and Marco Gambardella took part at meeting held at Mezzanotte Palace (headquarters of Italian Stock Exchange). “The audience have had a strong interest for our company project, observed by an excellent evaluation,” says Susy Gambardella, finance manager at Bioplast. “Elite is a way to develop our business” says Marco Gambardella, senior account manager of the company, “and we really believe it.”

Bioplast, in recent years, has started an ambitious development project and the results are being visible. Bioplast’s ethics is to guarantee a loyal partner for its customers . Quality certifications, international prizes for products, and Elite Accreditation show, right now, that this company is an industry excellence.