Bioplast manufactures printed packaging and biodegradable bags, focusing its strong points on high quality of printing, product and process, on a management inspired by the protection of the environment in respect of food safety regulations.

Industrial packaging is realized by studying tailor-made solutions with regard to printing, type of polymers used and services provided, to reply to different customer’s needs.

Bioplast paints flexible packaging through flexographic printing up to 10 colors, ensuring the highest quality and precision, helping this way to maximize the products appeal with a captivating packaging, able to fulfill consumers’ demand.



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Established in 1990, Bioplast  is the result of a growth founded on innovation, through continuous investments in advances technologies, through constant improvement and research of high-perfomance materials.

The high level of specialization acquired with the thirty-year experience gained in the sector by Gerardo Gambardella’s family, ensure Bioplast to count among its customers the major Italian and international brands, especially pasta, cheese, fruit and vegetables, sweets and coffee industries.

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What’s we’re talking when we’re talking about factory, or better about industry?

Workers, engineers, technicians, managers, therefore about people. And about dense spaces of intelligence and sociality, bring together by a soul. Protagonist are men and women of a company as Bioplast, with local solid roots and an international culture. Since it was born, the company has been inclined to innovation through continuous investments in Research & Development.

Looking to the future, we remember the main story stages of a company born 25 years ago by the dream of its founder, Gerardo Gambardella, the current manager, who gave to its young enterprise the name Bioplast, already motivated to achieve an ambitious objective: the production of bioplastics. In those years, talk about bioplastics was equivalent to place themselves to the limit between the reality and the fantasy, but the vision of that man, since 1985, makes today Bioplast a company leader in the field of flexible packaging.

In 2000, with the construction of the first productive center, the dream starts to take form through the purchase of some extrusion and cutting lines. 2004 is an important year for the company, which makes its entrance in the food sector, thanks to the start up of 4 production lines.

In 2009, the capacity increases with the addition of some lines and it achieves new objectives in terms of quality standard, by receiving the first national reward for I&T.

In 2011, Bioplast obtains the A degree for BRC certification and the High Resolution printing quality certification, from the two best graphic manufacturer in the world.

To this day, Bioplast continues to invest in productive capital, but above all in human capital, and in front of what many people define the third industrial revolution, it carries on its motto:

Let’s orient business in the sign of innovation…

Our company’ story has its roots in the connection of work and passion of whom every day have the mission to make the flexible packaging more and more eco-friendly and to the consumers’ need.


The factory can’t look out to the profit index only. It has to share wealth, culture, services, democracy. I think the factory for the man and not the man for the factory. (Adriano Olivetti)

Bioplast philosophy is based on the traditional business culture which see the manager to the worker side,
sharing the work, the sacrifice and the result.