Elite, Bioplast enter the Olympus of companies

Bioplast is part of the prestigious ELITE program of Italian Stock Exchange. A path, started by the company, which aims is to create an added value in the internationalization process. The Elite program is dedicated to companies with high potential of growing. Today it has a community of 500 companies whose aim is to support them in their growing project through a progressive cultural change.

We have strongly adhered to Elite because we are pointing at an increasingly ambitious business style that will enable us to accelerate our projects of internationalization and grab financial opportunities through the access to global capitals.

Susy and Marco Gambardella took part at meeting held at Mezzanotte Palace (headquarters of Italian Stock Exchange). “The audience have had a strong interest for our company project, observed by an excellent evaluation,” says Susy Gambardella, finance manager at Bioplast. “Elite is a way to develop our business” says Marco Gambardella, senior account manager of the company, “and we really believe it.”

Bioplast, in recent years, has started an ambitious development project and the results are being visible. Bioplast’s ethics is to guarantee a loyal partner for its customers . Quality certifications, international prizes for products, and Elite Accreditation show, right now, that this company is an industry excellence.

Ethics and sustainability: films always more recyclable

There is not only the fourth industrial revolution in action, rather we must point out that this change is also dictated by the change of consumer species.As well as the forth revolution, today many changes can be related to the transformation of consumers.

In this case Bioplast research is orientated towards a diversification of products, always more eco-friendly. Final consumers are careful concerning the raw materials used, the reputation of producer, the brand and the sustainability. It is no longer the time when a brand owner can say “I impose this product on the market”.Consumers are very attentive to so many dynamics such as the judgments of hundreds of influencers who evaluate, criticize and approve or bust a product, and this affects consumer purchasing choices.

We, let’s do our part. We are producing more and more films with structures suitable for the recyclability of the casing once used, by using more sustainable raw materials.

New opa and pet free films

The search of new eco-friendly products never ends. Bioplast has included in its range “fresh pasta” films, the so-called “OPA FREE” and “PET FREE” films. The development of those new laminates allows the plastic recyclability and they are appropriate for many films which are stressed by thermal cycles with an elevate barrier of oxygen and water vapour , and they guarantee the biggest resistance to pricking.

In the substance we have removed from fresh pasta packaging, polyamides and polyester because they are raw materials which don’t allow the recyclability of pack.

Today, more and more pasta producers are opting for environmental sustainability. It is a duty towards future generations and, in the meantime, it has economics advantages.

Ask for much information to our Sales Department.

Wpo: Bioplast is WorldStar 2017

After the Oscar for Packaging 2016 received by Conai, the project “SmileLite” reaches the higher podium in food branch winning another craved prize: the “WorldStar winner 2017”.

The award ceremony will be the next 4thMay 2017 in Düsseldorf from the World Packaging Organization (WPO), promoter of the WorldStar Awards which, since 1970, evaluates the best packaging projects all over the world.

But what is the innovation of this film? Smile Lite is the greatest patented film which combines in a perfect way the function of a peelable film and that of a closable cover, by guaranteeing the biggest opening and a perfect endurance, and reducing extraordinarily the plastic’s consumption and the cluttered of raw material compared with capped solutions. It is also realized in single-material and it is 100% recyclable. In addition, it can be personalized and adapted to any kind of thermoformed and preformed tray in PET, PP, PET/PE.

Bioplast’s boss confirmed as a vice president of Confindustria Salerno

Gerardo Gambardella is confirmed in the leadership team of the new President of Confindustria Salerno, Andrea Prete.

Prete himself has let it be known during the assignment ceremony held last Friday in the offices of Salerno’s industrialists, with the participation of Vincenzo Boccia, the national President. To the number one of Bioplast have been assigned the mandates for CGS, ENEL, Environmental, PMI.

I express my best wishes to the president Prete- says Gambardella – with the awareness that he will be an excellent guide for the association by having the ability of gather everyone for a common purpose in order to tackle with determination next challenges ahead and to make our voice heard in to the institutions always to protect and safeguard the development of entrepreneurs of Salerno >> concludes the President of Small Industry Salerno Gambardella.

Bioplast at SUMMER FANCY FOOD SHOW – New York

All along operating in international markets, Bioplast will be present from 28th to 30th June 2015 at Fancy Food in New York, an event with 2.400 exhibitors coming from 50 countries and regions. The Fair is the most important exhibition of North America  and its aim is to make grow the food sector, supporting the diffusion of successful instruments for the companies and their brands through the international distribution.

Bioplast at PLMA’s World of private label – Amsterdam

On 19th and 20th May 2015, Bioplast will take part in international exhibition in Amsterdam, a meeting place between the production industries and the retailers in search of new products, new contacts and new ideas, able to facilitate the success and the growing of their own brands.

The attention to the appeal and to the sale’s function committed to the packaging, make Bioplast the right interlocutor for those who demand quality and excellence of flexible packaging.

Bioplast at TuttoFood 2015 – Milan

An exclusively event reserved to the workers in the sector, the food exhibition par excellence, TuttoFood will open the doors from 3th to 6ht May 2015 in Milan. Bioplast will be present at fair to convey its own experiences and ideas to the international retailers.

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Laser processing on different packaging materials

Innovation and culture, past and modernity: Bioplast invests in new equipment, proposing to its own clientele a new product, that is the laser processing on different packaging materials as paper with a window. So the customer will be able to decide, according to his needs, if and where apply a window on the packaging, through which it is possible to see the product.

Matting and polishing

Bioplast offers a new service in order to improve constantly quality level of products. Some instruments for matting and polishing are now available: this coating give different and particular, visual and tactile effect to the packaging, by enhancing further the seductive power of the packaging.