Traceability, marketing and safety: the film comes digitized

It was brought forward to Cibustec, the “Exhibition of Food Technology”, a digital technology innovation on flexible packaging presented by Bioplast, Sada Packaging and Cellografica Gerosa, and immediately appreciated by the new generation of consumers, the so-called prosumer, users increasingly attentive to the dynamics that lead to the realization of the products you want to buy. The well-known event, which over the last year has seen an influx of about 35 thousand workers, of which 40% from abroad, has been an important showcase to announce what will be, in the coming months, the flagship product of Bioplast range.

stealthcodeIn practice, a team of chemists and engineers, have made what was a market need, both from the consumer that the producing companies. A new way to communicate, to inform and to trace the product through the “digitization” of the film used to protect it. The new project is called StealthCode literally camouflaged code, hidden to the human eye in the packaging graphics, it allows you to enter many additional information. In fact, on the packaging remain all those mandatory by law and useful to the manufacturer to identify it graphically, but for those who want, by scanning with the camera of your smartphone app StealthCode activated, the user will be directed to a landing page of brand owners . All this will allow marketing managers to profile more and more, analyze the consumer, and also improve the products as the possibility of immediate exchange of information and tips that you will have with the consumer. This without the addition of any type of paint and / or ink, and you can also replace the unsightly and duplicated codes for the happiness of marketing departments who will enjoy larger surfaces on the packaging for the messages to the customer and for the graphic elements, and for the safety of consumers and producers, being the StealthCode technology less invasive and safer for the promotion, communication and traceability of products. “It’s a technology that have many advantages and I find it very important for the interaction of communication through the packaging among brand owners, consumer and GDO” says Marco Gambardella of Bioplast.